YouTube is down and has been for almost an hour now but you can still watch videos apparently. It’s back up!

We’ll keep you updated (we did!), but for now, here are a few “alternative” video sites that are bound to keep you entertained (but that you should also checked out a long time ago).

[Note: Yes there’s Vimeo, Viddler, DailyMotion and others, but there’s are meant to be a list of cool “alternative” alternatives.]

  • Aniboom: A site for professional and semi-professional animators to show off their work and market it to producers
  • TED: Inspiring speeches and discussions
  • Big Think: A more social version of TED
  • Engage Media: Focused on social justice and environmental issues facing the Asia-Pacific region and Australia.
  • TV One World: Video sharing site and an aggregator. It features videos geared towards anyone “concerned about a better world.
  • a light hearted look at video gaming news and culture
  • Current: A In-depth investigation and exploration of the world’s most important, interesting, and entertaining stories. A unique blend of original productions and viewer created media.
  • Sevenload – YouTube like community, lots of videos, pictures too and of course the upload functionality. Lots of cat content if you’re into that kind of thing.