bill gates twitterPrepare to have your hair blown back. Bill Gates just made Twitter history by exploding from zero to 25,000 followers in four hours with no formal announcement.

Even better, he did it with no help from the Suggested User List.

When we first saw Bill’s account, it had 91 followers. When our story went live, he had just over 240. Now he has 25,000, and sits on some 1,000 lists.

If you ever had any doubt at all about how quickly things can spread on Twitter, let this lay it to rest. Welcome to Twitter Bill, welcome to the Wild West of the internet. As a side note, you can follow me here on Twitter, Mr. Gates. Go on Bill, make my week.

As a quick note, Bill’s account does now bear the official “Verified” badge. To everyone who said that this was some sort of elaborate hoax, you can put away the tin-foil hats. This is the real Bill.