Google search has gone full Old MacDonald, and it’s amazing

Google search has gone full Old MacDonald, and it’s amazing

Unless you have kids, here’s one thing you might not have expected to be doing on Google today: listening to animal noises straight from your search result.

In late January, Google quietly added a new feature that lets users click on various animals to hear the sounds they make. Currently, you’re able to browse from 19 different animals, from farm-friendly kinds like pigs and cows to less domesticated types like lions and humpback whales.

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Animal Sounds

The sounds are recorded from the actual animals, and Google says it narrowed the results down to 19 after looking at what users searched for the most. Even though the news update came via Google Malaysia, it’s interesting to note that Google stuck by westernized ways of writing out animal sounds even though it’s clearly different around the world.

And no, before you make that joke, it does not tell you what the fox says.

Google Malaysia


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