This remote control car will go anywhere there is 3G or 4G connectivity

This remote control car will go anywhere there is 3G or 4G connectivity

Emil KalstĂž has built a small remote control (RC) car that can receive signal over cellular network. That means the days when remote control vehicles were restricted by the tiny receivers inside them are officially over.

As long as the car can pick up a 3G or 4G connection, it can be controlled from any distance. As a point of reference, that would mean you can drive your car in any metropolitan area in the US.

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Inside the car is a Raspberry Pi board that allows the vehicle be controlled via an Xbox controller. There’s also a camera mounted onto a servo motor that allows the driver to see what the car sees.

Powering the device is two 12V batteries and a chain-driven DC motor. That equates to a not so impressive 5mph – or “approximately walking speed.” It does mean, however, the batteries can last for anywhere between 20 to 25 hours.

With radio frequencies becoming ever more cluttered, this concept could allow drones and other remote vehicles to back-back off existing spectrum rather than requiring its own.

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