Here’s Tim Cook’s ringing endorsement for iPhone photography

Here’s Tim Cook’s ringing endorsement for iPhone photography

When it comes to the iPhone’s camera capabilities, Apple isn’t shy about showing off just how good it is. In fact, it released a new ad campaign using images shot on the iPhone 6s just over a week ago.

However, CEO Tim Cook appears to be a little less skilled in the photography department. After last night’s Super Bowl 50 wrapped up, Cook posted a photo of the celebrations on the pitch… but it’s clearly out of focus.

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Granted, he probably got caught up in the festivities and was more interested in looking at real-life than his screen, but the internet isn’t a forgiving place and people are having a field day berating Cook’s photographic skills today.

It is unclear whether the photo was taken on an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or an iPad but we can safely assume it was an Apple device.

To be fair, his second shot was a little better.

Tim Cook [Twitter]

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