Christmas Shopper Simulator lets you unleash your holiday shopping anxieties

Christmas Shopper Simulator lets you unleash your holiday shopping anxieties

Are you high off the ecstasy of Goat Simulator, but yearning for something a little more, uh, festive this holiday season? Look no further than UK video game retailer GAME’s spinoff, Christmas Shopper Simulator, which is basically Goat Simulator – except you’re a fed-up human inside a mall during the holidays. And we’ve all experienced the terror of that existence.

Christmas Shopper Simulator

Christmas Shopper Simulator every bit as hilarious and ridiculous as it sounds. The free-to-play game lets you dash through the chaos of holiday shopping, kicking and knocking fellow civilians, decorative trees, inflatable Santa, clothing racks and generally anything that isn’t bolstered to the ground. You can even take down stores like “Amazombie” and “Texas Raincoat Massacre.”

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Christmas Shopper Simulator also comes with a few missions for you to unlock achievements, so it’s not totally mindless rampaging. We know holiday shopping can be a nerve-wracking experience, so before you lose your mind this season, consider unleashing your anxiety over a computer game instead of lashing out in real life.

CSS is free to download for both Windows and Mac.

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