Conversations like this one are what makes Twitter an amazing service.

If you considered switching your mobile operator in the past, you might chat with friends or family about it and then come to a decision. These days you can do more than that — why not put out a tweet too… you might attract the attention of those very same operators, and even T-Mobile’s CEO himself.

That’s what happened to Jay Rooney, an AT&T customer who was tempted by T-Mobile’s free international roaming deal.

A T-Mobile rep replies just seven minutes later:

 That kicks off a battle for the customer as AT&T responds:

T-Mobile gets right to the point:

AT&T replies, looking more than a little defeated:

But lo and behold T-Mobile CEO John Legere steps into the fold:

And seals the deal:

That’s a pretty good outcome from just one tweet:

You can read the full thread for yourself here.

Thumbnail image via West McGowan / Flickr — hat tip Koushik Dutta