If you own a Windows PC you need to take care of exactly what you download and run on it, else performance can be affected or you may get malware. If you’re like me, you’ll religiously remove unneeded programs and be careful of what you download, but if things are out of control or you’re unsure what each program does, then Should I Remove It is a program that can help.

Free to download, it pulls up a list of what’s installed on your machine but arranges them based on the probability that each piece of software should be removed. Each score is derived from the number of users that have uninstalled each program via Should I Remove It.

My software is in good shape, and there’s nothing desperately in need of removal.


If you’re in two minds, Should I Remove It gives you the option to find out more about each program by sending you to one of its pages with details. You could also look up information yourself, of course.


Most folks who treat their PC with care won’t need this program, but if you’re someone who is less sure about your software then Should I Remove It could be a good option for you.

➤ Should I Remove It [For Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8]

Headline image via Duc Dao / Shutterstock