We’re not sure exactly what iOS 7 will look like yet (though we’ll know Monday) but all signs are pointing to something that’s a lot different than what’s come before. To tide you over until then, we’ve got a pretty neat little toy for you to play with.

The mockup of an iPhone ‘5S’ running a creative prediction about iOS 7 was created by the folks over at Recombu. We thought it was pretty incredible, so we asked them if they could get us a way to embed it here and they came through.

Here’s how creator Steve King describes his process:

I based the design and functionality on all of the rumours circulating about the upcoming iOS 7 release specifically the flatter design and the removal of skeuomorphic elements. I wanted a bit of a challenge so built it without using images and just used HTML, CSS with a touch of JavaScript.

It may not be totally accurate, but it’s a fun exercise and a handy technical feat. Click around, it’s interactive, even the front facing camera works in Chrome and Firefox!

Note: If you have trouble on an iOS device with the embed, check it out over at the Recombu site here.