If you aren’t spending your evenings working to beat Starcraft 2’s expansion, Heart of the Swarm, you are simply proceeding incorrectly in an operational fashion doing it wrong.

Assuming that you are getting your time in taking over the universe as the head of the Zerg faction, the following will tickle you:


The best part of the above image is that it appears to in fact be a real function. According to WolframAlpha, a set of parametric equations will yield the above doodle. Here’s a sample of the required math:


TNW snagged the plain text version of the equation, and according to Google Docs the total math set has 18,811 characters, not including spaces. First reader to take the math, run it through Mathematica, and prove that it works gets free beer, provided that you live in San Francisco [Send entries to alex@thenextweb.com].

For more Starcraft related tech fun, Google knows what’s up.

Top Image Credit: Blizzard

H/T The Starcraft Subreddit