eBay can be a tricky place for buyers and sellers — the auction-styled environment can lead novices to stumble (e.g.: overpay/sell items for less than they’re worth, etc). This hasn’t slowed the site down, however, and even though purchasing items instantly has become more popular than auctions, they’re still an important part of eBay.

This is where Market Price comes in: it’s a service which crawls eBay auctions to help you know if you’re over or under-paying for any given product above $100.

Search for an item on Market Price, and you’ll be presented with the minimum and maximum price from past and “ending soon” auctions. You’ll also see the mean and median price, as well as the standard deviation and simple size.

Here’s the price data for a Vox AC15, an incredible guitar amp:

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 12.23.05 PM

If you’re looking for something on eBay and want to add a bit of clarity to your search, try this service via the link below.

➤ Market Price

Image credit: David De Lossy / Thinkstock