The global competition of can opening has a brutal new entrant, a figure that just may be the next big thing. If you are a can opener, prepare to meet your match.

Here is can opening aficionado razorknight92 on the fresh face:

Ah, I see he used the One-Handed Jefferson Jackknife Technique. I prefer the Hi Ougi “Demon’s Grasp,” myself. I also noticed that one of the cans was upside-down. Great way to set up the “Fresh Prince Flip-Turn.” Very clever trick! Saves a lot of movement.

I’d love to see you do more videos where you show off the “Flash-Flick” and “Orion’s Wedge” techniques. Keep it up, and maybe you can even reach master-level some day! I’d love to see you on the competitive circuits!

Get watching, and prepare for a mind asplosion:

Now, head to your fridge, stack up 7 cans, and see what sort of damage you can do. I’ll bet you a dollar you do worse than our hero above.

Top Image Credit: nathanmac87 Hat Tip: Paul Curry.