Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is in Asia this week launching the Nexus 7 in Japan (Tuesday) and in Korea today. While over in Seoul, he took some time to hang out with ‘Gangnam Style’ star PSY, as you do, and the photographic evidence is rather amusing.

A Google rep provided a little background for us:

PSY visited the Google office to chat with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt. Eric asked to be taught the horse dance and presented PSY with a framed Google Doodle.

Sadly there’s no video, but we have asked.

The song has become an international sensation and broken a Guinness World Record, The Nation explains:

The rapper, with his distinctive horse-riding dance, has picked up a Guinness World Record after viewers clicked ‘like’ on YouTube more than 2.14 million times, making it the most liked video in the website’s history

Images via Google Korea

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