You may have noticed that Apple had an event yesterday and there has been more than a little excitement around the new iPhone.

It seems that the release of a new model from Apple is so influential that people are willing to suspend their disbelief entirely. Not only do they think their last iPhone will immediately become irrelevant, but they seem to take the 4S as the new phone and project the upgrades.

It’s an odd reaction, but as American late-night talk host Jimmy Kimmel found out, people are willing to use their imagination when they are told they are holding the iPhone 5, even when it’s a 4S and they have one of their own.

This type of trickery in tech news is not uncommon. You may remember Gizmodo handed people the iPad 2 and told them it was the brand new iPad. Naturally people said they loved the new improvements.

Maybe it’s worth thinking twice about that upgrade?

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