I thought I was a huge fan of Robert Zemeckis’ classic time travel trilogy Back to the Future. But I pale in comparison to the guy who created this incredible mod for Grand Theft Auto IV that recreates the feel of tearing it up in the DeLorean perfectly.

The video of the mod, which was shared on Twitter by Pacific Helm designer Louie Mantia, was posted by YouTube user Seedyrom34. He explains that it’s really not a single mod, but really a carefully collected and tweaked set of mods for the PC version of the game.

It’s a HEAVILY CUSTOMIZED PC project from a die-hard BTTF and GTA fan. It took me months to tweak everything and finally get it working right but I couldn’t have done it without the help of some truly great mod makers (credits/links below). Please don’t just start modifying your game without researching and backing things up first. You WILL break it.

Just watch this thing, it gave me chills:

He provides a complete list of the mods he compiled to get the effect in the description of his video.

As a bonus, the dude is also an incredible Battlefield 3 fighter pilot, check out this showreel he put together: