Raphael Schaad, a Switzerland-born software engineer currently working on Flipboard’s (impressive) iPhone and iPad products, will trade an afternoon of iOS coding, app prototyping or advising if you can hook him up with a ride in an Aston Martin.

In a post on Google+, Schaad explains that his father is visiting him in Silicon Valley – where he moved to last year – this September, and that his dad’s dream has always been to drive an Aston Martin (not a bad dream either).

Schaad wants to buy his dad one, but he doesn’t have that kind of capital yet, so he figured he can start with getting his dad a ride when he’s visiting, for starters. To achieve this, he wants to do what he’s good at.

If you live in the Valley and want to help this guy out, you can contact him directly: his details are mentioned in the Google+ post. He’s also on Twitter.

(Via Hacker News)