Like cookies? This is the most genius invention ever

Like cookies? This is the most genius invention ever

If you’ve ever eaten a cookie after you’ve dipped it in milk, you know that this presents a few problems. First, you can sometimes lose the cookie in the milk, or your hands get really sticky. Either way, it’s bad news bears.

I love inventions, and I count this as technology. Cookie technology. It’s called “The Dipr” and it might just change your life forever.

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Check this badboy out:

Yes, it’s a scoop-contraption that you hook your sandwich cookie onto, perhaps an Oreo, and then you dip it straight into the milk. This thing is only $2.99 and you need a set for your entire household right now. It comes in an assortment of colors, too.

Not sold yet? Watch it in action:

It even looks rad on a white background:


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