Think back to when you were twelve. Imagine having a conversation with that person. On level terms. Your twelve year old self, and your now-self. Terrifying, isn’t it? Not only were you likely a little snotty dolt, you can’t hate that person, as you are, well, them.

Jeremiah McDonald decided to see what would happen if such a meeting were to occur. A tape taken twenty years ago was dusted off, and thrown up on the television. The result is a ludicrous conversation with himself that pits an older, more bitter and whiskey-drinking man against his youthful, Dr. Who-loving predecessor.

This might be the greatest thing that has happened to the Internet all week. Enjoy.

I’m sure you want to watch more of Jeremiah McDonald’s stuff, so let me help: his YouTube channel is here, and you can find him on Twitter here.

Top Image Credit: Petyo Ivanov