Remember when Louis CK was ranting about how everything’s awesome and nobody’s happy? If you’re one of the people who can relate to how far we’ve come along in the past decade or two, you’re going to love the Museum of Endangered Sounds.

Created by Brendan Chilcutt, the site archives a few sounds that might have you nostalgically playing them over and over again. There’s everything from the sound of dialing a rotary telephone to the sound of a floppy drive chugging away.

If nothing else, listening to the sound of a screeching modem kicking into high gear will make you eternally grateful for your 24 hour broadband connection, and not having to argue about getting off the Internet so your mother can make a phone call.

At the moment, there’s only 15 sounds, which we’ve been obsessively listening to for the past half an hour, so Brendan, can we please have some more?

➤  Museum of Endangered Sounds