The possibility of Facebook entering China continues to be one of the most keenly discussed issues about the social network but, in the meantime, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have made a subtle film debut in the country, with this a cameo appearance in a documentary about China’s Police force aired on broadcast channel CCTV.

The video, spotted by China Smack, includes the famous bystanders for a few seconds (from 0:29) and has created plenty of discussion on the country top microblog Sina Weibo, with many appreciating the irony given that Facebook is blocked in China.

The appearance is apparently totally random — coming during the couple’s latest trip to the country in March — although we suspect that conspiracy theorists may have you believe otherwise.

Irrespective, we can marvel at the (now) newly weds blending into the backdrop as the boys in blue come on past, that’s something they’d be hard pressed to do in many other countries.

What’s your explanation of this?

Hat tip Mike Elgan on Google+