If you’ve ever wanted the sensation of typing a masterful essay in record time then you might want to check out EssayTyper, which will turn your random keystrokes into a work of art.

Here’s how the service explains itself:

EssayTyper uses a patented combination of magic and wikipedia to help you write your essay – fast!

That said, please don’t ever try to use this legitimately. The magic part is not real… and that’s plagiarism.

Simply visit EssayTyper and enter your subject of choice:

You’ll then be tossed into a page that looks like a Word document and then you can start typing away. It doesn’t matter what you type though, because the service will use its magic to pull in a Wikipedia page on the subject.

Can you imagine sitting on a laptop in a coffee shop and tapping away with something like this on your screen?

Of course you can imagine it, you’d be hot shit. So go do it.