It’s almost assured that Nike is owning the hearts and minds of health nuts everywhere with the release of its FuelBand (catch our review here). Long-ago sold out in the US, the waiting list for the next batch is growing every day. With a newly-opened API and a partnership with white-hot life-journaling app Path, the FuelBand is also getting a load of attention from the tech faithful.

So what’s next for FuelBand? Well, it seems that the idea was to give film maker Casey Neistat a large, yet undisclosed, amount of cash to create a film around the idea of #makeitcount. But Neistat had his own ideas, so instead he and his friend Max Joseph spent the cash traveling the world for 10 days, filming their adventures as they went.

The results? In a voyage that included France, Kenya, Egypt and numerous other countries, Neistat and Joseph are pictured doing everything from riding bikes to cliff diving. While it may not have been what Nike had in mind (or was it?), the YouTube video has the potential to be one of those viral greats that come along far too infrequently. Have a look:

Now the obvious question – Did Nike know what they were getting into before they gave Neistat the cash? It’s possible. But the end result is fantastic nevertheless.