If you love your music as much as you love to tote your files around, you will probably love these adorable miniature pro-music classics that are also handy flash drives.

This neat selection of music memorabilia not only increases your credibility (if you can name the makes and models) but they’re also quite nice. Often the problem with novelty USB drives is that they look a bit, well, tacky. Not so with these little cuties.

Brought to you by The Drum Sample Broker, this itty-bitty beat committee puts us in mind of the good old days of hip-hop.

As the Beastie Boys taught us, “Nothing sounds quite like an 8-oh-8” and so it is only correct that the beat classic should be available to add to your key ring.

The drives will set you back $39-$49 and offer 8GB or 16GB depending on which model you choose. Definitely one for those who wish to ensure that the beat goes on.

Hat tip – Synthtopia and Create Digital Music