For the love of music and tech, Bluebrain’s latest location-aware musical album stroke iPhone app has got to be the coolest app coming out this March in Austin for SXSW.

Bluebrain’s Violet Crown is a musical composition, available exclusively as a free iPhone app that uses the phone’s built-in GPS to alter the music as the listener walks through a designated square bordered by Congress Avenue, Frontage Road, East 7th Street and Cesar Chavez Street in Austin, Texas. “Each street and intersection is tagged with various pockets of sound, turning the festival grounds into a musical ‘choose-your-own-adventure’,” writes Ryan Holladay of Bluebrain. The app, which is sure to please many music and tech geeks alike, was commissioned by and created for SXSW Interactive.

Violet Crown is the 3rd location-aware album created by Bluebrain, the D.C. based band who gave us The National Mall and Listen to the Light, a musically innovative, interactive tour through D.C.’s National Mall and NYC’s Central Park, respectively. [Read our interview with Ryan Holladay here.]

Check out Bluebrain’s teaser video below and be sure to download the app in Austin! And if you see a weird girl in Tetris leggings walking around in circles listening to her iPhone, that’s me!

➤ Download Violet Crown

Kushal Bose via shutterstock