The team at DNS and email delivery company Dyn has come up with a great way of attracting interest from companies they wanted to work with – serenading them.

Targeting Hulu, Expedia, Posterous, Career Builder, LivingSocial and Funny Or Die, the company created a dedicated landing page and a special music video for each.

Dyn’s Adam Coughlin explains: “Two weeks ago, we sent out six videos we made using in-house talent to companies we really want to work with but have had trouble getting in touch with. So far we’ve already had contact with four of them. The CEO of Hulu personally emailed us, we’ve had a meeting with Funny or Die, and the VP of Marketing/Biz Dev at Posterous tweeted that it was the best cold call ever.”

Whether it results in any new business for Dyn or not, we applaud the effort. You can watch all the videos here.