We’re now just one month away from SXSW, specifically the Interactive portion of the event that draws geeks, entrepreneurs and wannabes from all over the world for a five-day event to celebrate all that’s holy and good about emerging tech.

While the San Francisco-based startup LaunchRock plans its epic campground party, New York-based Shelby.tv has unveiled its hilariously scripted PROJECT G.O.A.T.S., a top secret initiative that will remind you of computer interfaces from 1983.

Essentially, PROJECT G.O.A.T.S. is an opportunity for individuals to pitch a celebrity guest during SXSW Interactive in Austin, TX on Saturday, March 10th. The identity of the celebrity guest, which will undoubtedly be a notable tech celebrity, is still a mystery and will be revealed at the time of your interview. Our best guesses? Ashton Kutcher or Fred Wilson.

As Shelby.tv is a social video platform, expect that your interview will be promoted quite extensively. You are not required to have a SXSW badge to be eligible, but you will be responsible for your transportation to and accommodations in Austin. 10-15 people will be chosen for the interview. So far, 92 applications have been received.

While Shelby is currently accepting applications on the site, only a limited number of spots are available. So, how will the Shelby team choose an applicant? While it’s a pretty complicated integral, hopefully the math isn’t too high-brow for you…

Here’s a photo of the Shelby team as it analyzes applications…

tepic via shutterstock