Ever wondered if there’s a site to find the s%#t _____ say? Here you go

Ever wondered if there’s a site to find the s%#t _____ say? Here you go

Unless you haven’t used in the Internet in the past two months, you’re most certainly aware of the mega-meme “Shit that _____ says”. For me it’s sitting somewhere between “make it stop” and “ok, that was funny”. If you’d like to keep track of the shit that everyone (and everything) says, then Buzzfeed has created a site just for you.

It’s called “Has Anyone Said This Shit?” and it’s a directory for all of those videos following the “Shit that…” meme cadence.

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You’re given a blank line and the rest is up to you. Simply type something in to see if a video has been made about it, and you’ll see options autocomplete below the search box:

Once you’ve found what you’re interested in, just click it and the YouTube video will display below. There’s not much else to say about it other than what took someone so long to make this?

There’s no sign of this trend slowing down, as any and every topic and type of person has been covered in one of these videos, and now you can waste your entire day watching them all.

Has Anyone Said This Shit?

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