Watch the 3 teenage girls who won the Google Science Fair speak at TEDx

Watch the 3 teenage girls who won the Google Science Fair speak at TEDx

In 2011, 3 teenage girls swept up the awards at the Google Science Fair. Lauren Hodge, Shree Bose and Naomi Shah were later invited to speak at TEDxWomen about their extraordinary science projects that prove it only takes small lifestyle changes to help make us better, happier and healthier human beings.

This first speaker, Lauren Hodge, investigated the formation of carcinogens in different methods of marinating and grilling chicken– and found a surprising result. The second speaker, Shree Bose determined the mechanism of chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer — a breakthrough that could improve future treatments. Lastly, Naomi Shah (who’s first word was “why”) developed a novel mathematical model for the effects of air polution on asthmatics.

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These young women are heartwarming, smart and so passionate about their work. They are truly inspiring role models to us all. Watch their short TED Talks here.

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