Every once in a while I see a video or project that sparks my wanderlust in a big way. This one is one of the best I’ve seen.

Last year, Kien Lam quit his job, packed a bag with his camera and bought a one-way ticket to London. This video is a compilation of the time lapse vistas that he captured across the next 17 countries. In crowded cities, in jungles, libraries and ancient ruins, Lam captures scenes familiar to those that live there and foreign to those of us that don’t.

It’s well worth the just under 5 minutes it takes to watch it and may very well give you the motivation to get up and out. Can you spot all of the countries: USA, England, France, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru?

You can check out more of Lam’s photographs and time lapses at his site here.