Turns out people might be Googling on Google’s Facebook Page.

Turns out people might be Googling on Google’s Facebook Page.

A bored Reddit user decided to take a peek at Google’s Facebook page. Amusingly, he came upon search queries where people had inadvertently (or possibly intentionally) posted to the fan page as opposed to searching Google.com – as you would assume most people would be familiar with by now.

More amusing is that the Reddit user decided to lend a hand and post the search results in the comments of each ‘search query’ post.

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We’d like to believe that there can’t possibly be people out there who do in fact think Google’s Facebook page is a search engine; but as tech blog ReadWriteWeb found out not long ago, there are millions of Internet users out there who aren’t so, um, tech savvy, and for whom Facebook is in fact the Internet. So perhaps it’s not unbelievable

The bad news? After posting the image above to Reddit, it led to all the genuine searches being buried while Reddit’s community swarms the page with bogus search queries. Some Google intern is going to have a whale of a time deleting those this weekend

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