Waking up in the morning after a not-so-peaceful night of sleep is pretty standard for me. I’m always feeling extremely rushed throughout my day. There’s work, then there’s social obligations, then there’s having to maintain my personal space (which gets pretty messy, actually, since I’m constantly running around from here to there), along with a whole slew of priorities — there’s no time for me to just sit back, relax and stop stressing.

Apparently the folks at Mr. Lovenstein, a web comic by J. L. Westover, happen to feel the same. After seeing this particular strip, I couldn’t help but laugh and pathetically relate. My hope is that you feel the same, and actually stop to take a break this weekend instead of stressing over the little things. It’s Veteran’s Day after all, isn’t it? Some of you actually have three-day weekends to enjoy.

Er, not that I’m bitterly complaining that I don’t or anything. No way. Besides, I still have so much to do today.

179 vicious circle 520x1055 Oh man, I just have so much to do today!