It may not be incredibly detailed but this floorplan, drawn by Chris Espinosa, Apple employee #8 and original member of the Mac developer team, along with Jeff Raskin and Andy Hertzfeld.

Espinosa shared the floorplan along with some commments on his Posterous. This is the Bandley 1 building, Apple’s first official office, also called the “Good Earth” building, from the name of the restaurant next door.

Historical Floormap

Espinosa lists the names that are noted on the plan:

  • Jobs, founder
  • Mike (Markkula), VP of Marekting
  • Gene (Carter) & Phil (Roybal), Sales department
  • Mike (Scott) & Gary (Martin), CEO and Finance
  • Sherry (Livingston), Cindy, & Eleanor, receptionists/secretaires
  • Jim (Martendale), Manufacturing
  • Dana (Redington), Marketing/Demo writer/programmer
  • Bill (Fernandez), lab tech
  • Dick & Cliff (Houston), hardware enigneers
  • Clive (forgotten), mechanical engineer
  • Wendell (Sanders) & Rod (Holt), analog engineers
  • Randy (Wigginton), software engineer
  • Woz
Check out the post for couple of interesting anecdotes.
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