Want to start your day out with a smile? Check out this story that we read on PetaPixel. Photographers Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe took a ten-day motorcycle trip through Mongolia last summer. Included in their photographic arsenal was a Polaroid camera because, when planning for their trip, they read that most native Mongolians love having their photos taken, and wanted to be able to share those photos with them.

Capturing their trip not only in photos, Vanessa and Wilson shot a beautiful video of people’s reactions of seeing themselves in a photograph for the very first time.

The video is filled with so much human emotion, and is a huge reminder of not only the things that we take for granted on a daily basis, but also how something as small and simple as a Polaroid photograph can go far beyond language and cultural barriers, and create a striking moment.

To see the rest of the photos Vanessa and Wilson took while in Mongolia, check out their website.