Poopons turns doggy do into coupons. Would you download it if it was real?

Poopons turns doggy do into coupons. Would you download it if it was real?

There are some pretty weird apps out there. The yet to be launched app, Cloo, lets you rent out your loo to strangers, that is if it doesn’t turn out to be an elaborate hoax. There’s also apps that we know for a fact exist, like the Death App, which shows you murders in your area, using nothing less than a Google-powered map.

Poking fun at some of the stranger apps we’ve seen, and some of us have actually downloaded, the parody video about an app called Poopons is a great reminder that sometimes our desire to turn every little concept into an app should sometimes stay right there – at the conceptual stage.

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Of course it has all sorts of beneficial uses, but you might never have thought of poo as being an easy way to get your next cup of coffee for free. And we certainly don’t blame you.

So if Poopons really existed, how would it work? Using all the popular elements found in most of today’s app, Poopons scans barcodes, collects coupon points earning you discounts, and even sends a shout-out of your activity on your favourite social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

To find out more about just how a world with Poopons would work, check out the video below.

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