As part of the MOFILM: London Pepsi Max Short Film Competition this September, Chinese Director and Cinematographer Lawrence Chen shot this beautiful and mesmerizing promo video, which is sure to go viral. He’s also the Director behind one of my favorite fan-created Feist music videos featuring toy robots in rural China. This new promo video for Pepsi Max is set in an office, frozen in time, and is especially impressive because it’s shot without the help of CG or special effects. Invisible strings and tense body movements? Check. He describes it as:

A short film about living in the moment, but unlike everything else these days, this was made with no computer graphics or digital special effects.

The criteria included: Max it now: Create a short film based on one of three themes: “Now or never.” “Living in the moment.” or “Friday night now.” The winner of the competition takes home $10,000 and a trip to the BFI London Film Festival.

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