We first wrote about Followgram.me when it came on the scene as the hot new Instagram third party app last month. Followgram offers users a vanity URL, which is a cool way to advertise your Instagram account online. The site also provides users with a HTML code for an embeddable “Follow me on Instagram” button to place on a personal site, Tumblr, etc.

The Italian developers behind Followgram cooked up this snazzy infographic, which tells the Instagram story from its 100,000 download days to its recent announcement of over 150 million photos uploaded. According to Instagram, its 7 million users worldwide are uploading 1.3 million photos every single day – that’s 15 photos per second. And out of those 150 million, 80% are filtered.

The growth comparison in this infographic to Foursquare, Twitter and Flickr are also quite neat. Check it out here and click the image to enlarge.