Google+ was released to the public 6 weeks ago, and its initial growth spurt has had everyone talking. A natural bone of contention with the release of Google’s new platform is whether it’s a genuine contender for Facebook’s social networking crown. We’re not here to reignite that debate (though do feel free to get involved in the comments below), but it seems someone has a lot of passion for this whole Google+ vs. Facebook thing.

A creative interactive agency that specializes in visual storytelling has been hard at work creating these lively sketches. Chris Cassidy from JESS3 said:

“Some of our designers went to work visualizing what a real-world battle would look like if Google+ and Facebook were anthropomorphized.”

Here are are some of the “works in progress” that they’ve conjured up:

So does this mean the creatives behind these believe Google+ is about to out-muscle Facebook? Not anytime soon. Jesse Thomas, Executive Creative Director at JESS3, said:

“I don’t believe that Google+ is anywhere near replacing Facebook presently. It does represent a serious push by the search giant to re-enter the ring, in what is likely to be an extended battle between the two heavyweights for the social media belt.”