Got a brilliant idea? Share it on The Internet Wishlist!

Got a brilliant idea? Share it on The Internet Wishlist!

Ever wonder what the next big thing is? You might want to check out The Internet Wishlist, a suggestion box of ideas for apps and websites people are wishing for. Ideas range from web to mobile apps, realistic to imaginary, and helpful to humorous. The website is a brainchild of Amrit Richmond, a professional community developer and creative strategist, with a goal of inspiring entrepreneurs and startups to innovate and build the products and features that people actually want.

Next time you come up with a brilliant idea when you’re surfing around, consider sharing it to the rest of the world. Just add your breakthrough idea to the list and hope that someone actually makes it a reality. Alternatively, you can also use the Twitter hashtag #theiwl.

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What’s on your wishlist? We’d love to hear them at the comments section below.

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