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Android 3

Google teases Android L ahead of rumored Nexus launch

Among rumors that the newest Nexus devices will be announced as soon as tomorrow, Google Senior VP Sundar Pichai sent out this tweet earlier today: Met some sweet new friends today. #NationalDessertDay#Android… Keep reading →

Iconic Movie Costume Unveiled Ahead Of Christie's Auction

Check out this fan-made remake of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

data scientist

Data scientists: Sexy or insufferable?


Funky GIF Videos for Your Party Playlists


Comedy Club Monitors Your Face to Decide Ticket Price

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One video. Every Original Game Boy Start Screen

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 4.34.34 PM

Homestar Runner Is Back


Leica's Riveting Centennial Ad Salutes Famous Photos

on October 2, 2013 in Manchester, England.

Awesome 'Cameron Conference Rap' Shows Why World Needs Parody Mashups