Amazon expands Prime Music in the UK, but it’s still no Spotify challenger

Amazon expands Prime Music in the UK, but it’s still no Spotify challenger
Credit: Ben Woods/ TNW

Amazon is making its music streaming service for Prime members a little more useful for UK members from today, with the addition of a variety of different radio stations and the ability to sing along with on-screen lyrics.

The company says that there are “hundreds” of ad-free, personalized Prime Stations for users to scan through – and they’re accessible via Amazon Music for iOS, Android, the Web and Amazon’s own Fire devices.

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If yo’re the sort of person who just can’t help but join in, then you’ll probably be pleased to hear that X-Ray Lyrics are now available on “tens of thousands” of tracks. Frankly, that’s bad news for anyone that lives with me – a pleasant singing voice isn’t something I’m blessed with.

The feature updates make the Amazon Music service a little more appealing for users, but do little to pose any sort of serious threat for dedicated music streaming services, which offer a far wider-reaching music catalog and more powerful features.

Nonetheless, Amazon’s music service is a completely different proposition to its rivals: it’s just one of many additional benefits for signing up for an annual Prime subscription, rather than a dedicated fee for one service. As such, there’s a good chance users might dip in and out of Prime Music, particularly if they don’t have an existing subscription to another service.

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