At Mobile World Congress today, Facebook has announced a new initiative aimed at making life easier for mobile Web app developers.

The W3C Mobile Web Platform Core Community Group is a consortium of over 30 device manufacturers, carriers, and developers grouping together to standardize mobile browsers. As Facebook notes in its announcement today, “For developers, this makes it easier to understand your app’s potential reach and to help prioritize which browser capabilities are important to you.”

Meanwhile, Facebook is also launching Ringmark, a new mobile browser test suite. This is available from today and the W3C Mobile Web Platform Core Community Group will be able to build upon it. It’s designed to help developers understand which mobile browsers support the functionality their apps need.

Meanwhile, Facebook is also planning to bring its mobile apps platform to Android, having launched it for iOS in October last year. No specific timeframe has been announced for this, although once live, it will allow developers to integrate their mobile Web apps into Facebook’s mobile experience on Android devices.