BlackBerry has announced that the first part of its eBBM product suite revealed earlier in the year is BBM Protected, which brings enhanced security for enterprise BBM customers.

Available from today, BBM Protected adds an extra layer of encryption onto messages sent across the platform. BlackBerry noted that while BBM Protected is only for enterprise users, the extra-secure chats aren’t limited to people within your own organization, so you can chat with BBM Protected users at other companies too.


Business users with BlackBerry OS devices running BlackBerry Device Software 6.0 or newer on BES 5 and some customers with BlackBerry 10 smartphones with gold licenses on BES10 can start using the new feature from today.

While the new feature isn’t applicable to a consumer market, it’s important for BlackBerry to focus on its enterprise expertise in a bid to win back old users that have switched to other platforms, as well as potentially all-new users that aren’t convinced by rivals’ enterprise credentials, if it wants to stay in the game at all.

BBM Protected

Featured Image Credit – Getty Images