Motorola’s latest effort to woo the US public into buying its Moto X device is a ‘try before you buy deal.’ There was much speculation over the deal this weekend, but it has now gone live, as Android Police spotted.

The company is asking for just $0.01 upfront, in exchange for which interested customers are given a no-contract phone which they are free to try out for up to two weeks. Those taking part can personalize their device using the Moto Maker site as if they were buying the Moto X outright.

Screenshot 2014-06-09 13.25.04

When the two-week trial is finished, those wanting to keep the phone can pay the remainder of the retail price, which starts at $349.99. Those that aren’t suitably impressed by the Moto X can return it to Motorola using a printable return label.

Motorola says the offer will be available for a “limited time”, but there’s no indication of exactly how long that will be. Will that spur you into trialing the Moto X?

Try Then Buy offer [Motorola] | via Android Police