This strange Huawei video uses Siri and an iPhone to tease its next smartphone and tablets

This strange Huawei video uses Siri and an iPhone to tease its next smartphone and tablets

In one of its more peculiar marketing moves, Huawei has opted for an iPhone and Apple’s voice-controlled Siri assistant to tease a number of new devices that it’ll be launching at Mobile World Congress this year.

The video shows a white handset devoid of branding or buttons, although it’s pretty obvious what handset Huawei is referring to. The Siri typeface flashes across the screen and the smartphone owner, not seen, asks what he can expect at the trade show in Barcelona.

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Huawei then refers to a new tablet, which it says will have a “huge battery” and “beautiful slim design”. A couple of images are shown on-screen, but it’s almost impossible to discern anything from them.

The Siri-like narrator moves onto a new smartphone with “an amazing front camera” and a second tablet centered on entertainment consumption. It will also support the “next generation LTE network,” according to the teaser video.

While it’s interesting to note that Huawei will be pushing at least three new devices at Mobile World Congress – all of which are likely to run Android – this teaser video gives away little in terms of specs, features or industrial design.

Nevertheless, it’s worth watching if only to see Huawei try to poke fun at Apple and Samsung, the current titans of the smartphone industry. Towards the end of the teaser video, the iPhone owner suddenly asks Siri: “Wow! What are they Fruit or Some song?” To which Apple’s software replies: “No. They are Huawei. It looks like Huawei is ready to amaze the world again.”

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