LG will be attending Mobile World Congress later this month and already we have a pretty good idea of what it’ll be launching there: a smaller version of the LG G2, called the not so surprising G2 MINI.

The firm put a teaser image for the device up on its Facebook page earlier today, with the caption “experience the MINI” and some details for the announcement – February 24, at the annual mobile industry trade show in Barcelona.


The monochrome photo features some cupcakes, starfish and Converse-style trainers – take from that what you will – with a dash of pink alongside the device itself. It looks awfully similar to the original LG G2, with a minimal amount of bezel and the unique volume rocker underneath the rear-facing camera.

We’ll be there at Mobile World Congress to give you all the details as soon as they’re announced.

LG Facebook (Via Engadget)