Get this. In a move that might fool you into thinking that BlackBerry isn’t facing any kind of financial woes, it has released a new Porsche Design P’9982 model, which is basically a souped-up Z10 with a customized version of the BlackBerry 10.2 operating system. In their own words:

The P’9982….features a satin finished frame forged from the finest quality stainless steel, complemented by a hand-wrapped genuine Italian leather back door. The back door of the limited edition model is hand-wrapped in genuine Crocodile leather. Distinguishable by its special series of PIN numbers, owners of the P’9982 will be instantly recognizable in the exclusive world of Porsche Design smartphone owners….”

The handset will be available from Porsche Design stores, as well as a handful of carriers and retailers around the world starting from November 21. The exclusive retail launch will take place in London’s Harrods department store. No price as of yet, but it will likely be well north of $2,000, given the $2,300 pricetag attached to the earlier Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9981 (basically, a Bold 9900).

Introducing the Porsche Design P’9982 Smartphone from BlackBerry