BlackBerry’s struggles continue after the company reportedly laid off half of its US sales team, based in its headquarters in Canada.

Cantech Letter cites sources who say that the company’s consumer sales team is “gone” while its “enterprise [sales force] is gutted” too. The UK is said to be next in the line as it seeks further redundancies to slash costs.

BlackBerry confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that “a small number of employees were laid off,” but a spokesperson declined to provide a concrete figure. The Journal claims “several dozen” staff were axed.

Last month, the company announced plans to “explore strategic alternatives” — reports last week suggested the goal is to be sold by November.

We reached out to BlackBerry for further details.

➤ Source: BlackBerry just “gutted” its salesforce [Cantech Letter]

Image via brittgow/Flickr, thumnbail image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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