FreedomPop has expanded coverage of its free Internet service to reach 220 million possible customers in the US by adding Sprint’s 3G network to the fold.

With the announcement, FreedomPop has begun taking orders for its Overdrive Pro hotspot device, which uses 4G when available and falls back on 3G when necessary.

“Starting today, FreedomPop users can connect to the Internet across the entire nation leaving no reason to continue paying high monthly Internet bills for Internet from large, expensive carriers,” FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols said in a statement.

The company is now guaranteeing “full nationwide coverage” for its service. The Overdrive Pro is FreedomPop’s first device to run on the Sprint network, and new devices are planned for later this year that will support Sprint’s LTE network.

FreedomPop launched last year with both a mobile and in-home solution.

While the service bills itself as free, users will still have to pay for devices. Free plans offer as much as 500MB a month before charging for additional data.

Mangrove Capital, DCM, and Atomico are listed as investors in FreedomPop.

Image credit: iStockphoto