Great news Windows Phone fans: both Verizon and Sprint announced today that they are expanding, or beginning, their support of Windows Phone hardware.

Sprint is the key news item, as today Microsoft announced that the company intends to bring two Windows Phone handsets to its network by this summer, up from a hinted at single device that had been intimated previously. This indicates that Sprint is confident in the smartphone line’s performance; bringing two phones to its network is a far greater investment than one.

We don’t know what Sprint intends to sell by Summer, but the addition of the carrier is a welcome bump for Windows Phone.

Verizon’s addition of the ATIV Odyssey to the list of smartphones that it vends is good news for both Samsung, who makes the phone, and consumers, who will enjoy a better diversified lineup of handsets running the mobile operating system.

Windows Phone recently enjoyed its best holiday season in history, with expanded handset sales, and improved developer interest.

The addition of Sprint to its partner role could give Windows Phone yet another boost of momentum as it enters into the relatively quiet quarters that span the gap between holiday sales cycles. After years of effort, and likely billions in losses, Windows Phone is firing on all cylinders.

TNW will bring you the news once Sprint announces which handsets it will support. The ATIV Odyssey will be available on Verizon in just a few weeks.

Top Image Credit: Eric Hauser