The Communication’s Director of Nokia France has confirmed that the company understands that its Lumia 920 device has certain camera issues, and that it has plans to correct them.

In a tweet, Xavier des Horts stated that the company plans ‘adjustments’ to the phones to better allow for full-light situations. The untranslated tweets are as follows:

Screen Shot 2012 11 05 at 1.05.17 PM Nokia promises camera adjustments for the Lumia 920 to allow for better daylight shots

According to the most astute Google Translation, Xavier said the following: “We will make adjustments for daylight …” That sounds a mite like a software fix, so if you already have a Lumia 920, you should get the performance bump in time.

For TNW’s full review of the Lumia 920, including it’s cameras, head here. The most salient bit I will excerpt for you:

In low-light conditions, the Lumia 920 is unsurpassed. It feels like the device is literally squeezing every available drop of light to produce clear and detailed images that really do surprise – especially when they detail a scene that appears darker with your own eyes.

I highlight that to underscore the point that the Lumia 920’s camera isn’t bad, it’s just lacking in a certain regard. That in mind, a fix would be more than welcome. Nokia leans on the strength of its camera technology in a sense to set its phones apart from the rest of the Windows Phone pack.

Therefore, they can’t be anything but amazing.